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Elephant Experience
Elephant Experience

The Thrill of Asia operates the widest range of volunteer programs across 33 countries in Asia, Oceania and South America. All our programs are owned and managed by us which means you can be guaranteed of the same high-quality standards and customer experience no matter where you travel with us. We offer you the opportunity to participate in anything ranging from volunteer programs in education and community support and development to adventure and leisure travel and wildlife and environmental conservation.

We are not passive spectators and encourage a ‘get your hands dirty’ approach. Our programs are not photo ops but require being actively involved and positively contributing to enrich local community life. We believe in putting in more than we get out, however general consensus from participants always speak of being enriched beyond expectations along with numerous testimonies of life-changing experiences. Evident from the fact that many of our participants return to our programs either in the same country or in other countries in which we operate.

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Medical Outreach Project
Medical Outreach Project

The thrill of Asia a platform dealing with adventure tour around the world and various volunteer opportunities. These opportunities are in the field of wildlife conservation, orphanage, and possible forms of medical practice. The services are not limited to these mentioned activities only rather they are extending towards Culture program, trekking tours across the mountains and trekking terrains of Asia, fun and relaxing experience in the abode of nature. Our services start with Tour of Asia which comprises of leisure and adventure activities, internships, volunteer activities such as teach English, Conserve Mangroves, Wildlife its flora and fauna, Turtle conservation, Elephant protection programs, panda saving project and Gibbon encounter. The opportunists across the corners of the world are invited to volunteer in Asia in the quest of saving the Asian beauty and precious gift from nature. The tasks offered are very challenging and true experience provider.

The special efforts are taken by the team of The Thrill of Asia and its volunteers to look into children education and development and special education which involve teaching Buddhist monks, residents of the Himalayan region and kids in China.

The orphanage Volunteer looks into the matters of Boys orphanage and other orphanages in order to provide better living and learning to normal as well as special kids. Willing to explore World, enjoy the expedition and voluntarily serve for social cause of world region to add your share of efforts in building a society and safeguarding their culture and historical importance along with their overall development.

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