Wildlife in Cambodia

Marine Conservation Diving

  € 585 Euros Per Week, Koh Sen – Cambodia

Become a qualified diver and take part in marine conservation experiencing Koh Sen off-the-beaten-track on one of its uninhabited islands!

Marine Conservation Diving


Wildlife in China

Panda Conservation

 Chengdu – China – € 1080 Euros Per Week 

Chubby black and white cute bears, chewing on bamboo, peaceful yet playful at times, it’s hard not to be charmed by the Giant Panda! (Minimum Stay 1 Week Only)

Panda Conservation


Wildlife in Nepal

Canine Rehabilitation in Kathmandu

NepalKathmandu – Nepal – € 270 Euros Per Week

Aid in the rescue of dogs in need as well as getting them back to a healthy state before they get adopted.


Canine Rehabilitation


Wildlife in Thailand

Gibbon Encounter
th Mae Sot – Thailand – € 390 Per Week

Halfway in-between a wildlife sanctuary and the jungle, Care for gibbons by preparing their food, feeding them, cleaning their enclosures and providing them with affection in a sanctuary setting.

_Participant with gibbon
Elephant Sanctuary
th Kanchanaburi – Thailand – € 450 Per Week

Get up close to elephants in a sanctuary where they freely roam. Wash them, prepare their food, bathe and swim with them! This project takes care of rescued and sick elephants. 

_Participant with gibbon
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