Thrill of Asia

Wildlife Animals

Gibbon Encounter

 Mae Sot- Thailand – € 540 Euros Per Week

Care for gibbons by preparing their food, feeding them, cleaning their enclosures and providing them with affection in a sanctuary setting.

Halfway in-between a wildlife sanctuary and the jungle, the gibbon project offers the chance to see these intriguing creatures up close and in the flesh. The gibbons here have been rescued from neglectful owners or adopted from families who could no longer care for them.

Panda Conservation

Minimum Stay 1 Week Only

 Chengdu – China – € 1080 Euros Per Week 

Chubby black and white cute bears, chewing on bamboo, peaceful yet playful at times, it’s hard not to be charmed by the Giant Panda!

Thanks to rigorous conservation efforts and awareness, the World Wildlife Federation has declared that Pandas are no longer an “endangered” species. But they still are on the list of “vulnerable” species, which makes it important for conservation efforts to continue so that these wonders of nature can overcome the threat of extinction.


Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation Diving

Samraong Koh Sen – Cambodia – € 585 Euros Per Week

Become a qualified diver and take part in marine conservation experiencing Cambodia off-the-beaten-track on one of its uninhabited islands!

Our program will get you far away from tourist traps and onto a pristine island where you will work in marine conservation, experience the real Cambodia, enjoy the untouched surroundings and get qualified as a diver!


Canine Rehabilitation

NepalKathmandu – Nepal – € 270 Euros Per Week 

Aid in the rescue of dogs in need as well as getting them back to a healthy state before they get adopted.

This is a chance to not only learn more about Nepal – this is a unique opportunity to learn about dogs, to understand them, and learn how to handle and care for them. The streets of Nepal are often flooded with injured and/or starving dogs. In this program, you will help in a lot of different activities including rescuing of the animals and in the process of bringing them back to health.