Beach Yoga

Hua Hin

Cost: € 450 Euros Per Week

Beach Yoga

What’s Included?    
Airport PickUp    
Accommodation And Food  
Transportation Within The Program
24/7 Emergency Help  

Beach Yoga. Experience the ancient art of Yoga in a beautiful beach location…Yoga has a lot of health benefits, especially when you are breathing the fresh ocean air!

This program will take through Yoga’s physical and internal components with the guidance of a professional instructor. After a week of relaxing Yoga and deep meditation exercises, you are guaranteed to come out of this program with mind and body recharged.

What’s Not Included? 
Travel Health Insurance
Flights, Visas (if required)
Lunch On The Weekends
Personal Expenses  
Program Details
Program Description

You will be guided through meditation and yoga exercises with an experienced yoga instructor, all on beautiful surrounding beaches!

Although Hua Hin is a popular and busy town, our program and accommodation are located in a rural area not too far away, where you can easily find a relaxing setting for participation in this program.

This way, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

In between yoga exercises and relaxing beach sessions, we’ll visit the town several times. You’ll get to enjoy the many lunch options outside, discover new markets and enjoy other sights and sounds.

Yoga is ancient teaching used to ease the body and the mind through a series of poses called asanas that improve the health of each and every organ as well as creating muscular strength and the ability to focus and concentrate on essentials like the breathe.

Breathing is one of the first and most important lessons the participant will learn. To breathe correctly is the gateway to living a peaceful life.

This program is open to all levels of Yoga practitioners, whether beginner or advanced. Our Yoga instructor will adapt to your level.

The teachers will get to know and talk to each one of their students to know them separately and recommend the best interest of them as individuals and also to connect the whole group through the yoga.


Aims & Objectives
  • To increase your understanding and practice of Yoga
  • To improve your stress levels, concentration, and overall health

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