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Ocean Conservation!

Naozhou Island, Zhanjiang China
€ 367 Per Week

Ocean Conservation, Zhanjiang China

Ocean Conservation, Soak in Donghai Island’s scenic beach views while caring for China’s cute and endangered wildlife!

This Conservation program will have you helping protect its local sea turtles and dolphins. You’ll help maintain their environment, release animals back into their natural habitat. Together with local staff, you’ll learn more about them and help these endangered creatures and be a part of preserving their legacy to the earth.

What’s Included?
Airport PickUp
24/7 Emergency Help
Accommodation, Food
What’s Not Included?
Travel Health Insurance
Lunch On The Weekends
Personal Expenses
Airport Drop
Flights, Visas (if required)
Program Details
Program Description

This Ocean Conservation program is located in the South China Sea, an island named Donghai Island, where you can both take care of turtles and know more about dolphins in one week.

The dolphin conservation is mainly to promote the idea of protecting dolphins in schools, helping the local centre to build its dolphin museum, and rebuilding any housing damage from the annual typhoon.

Also, you may have the chance to see dolphin by boat if you are lucky enough!!

There are 5 species of turtles that live in the South China Sea. This program breeds and cares after all of these 5 different species i.e. the:

  • Leatherback
  • Loggerhead
  • Hauxville
  • Green
  • and Olive Ridley turtles

There are around 20 disabled turtles living in the centre at one time, and in a separate centre nearby there are several healthy turtles which will be released to the ocean when they recover

At certain times, you may witness the turtle eggs hatching, a beautiful experience, as they are released straight into the ocean when born as nature intended

If you not only love animals but would like to relax with some coastal sunshine and sand, this is the program for you!

Aims & Objectives
  • Get a hands-on approach to help protect China’s injured sea-turtles
  • Create a safe and clean environment for China’s dolphins
  • To educate ourselves and others on the importance of ocean conservation