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Wildlife in Madagascar

Wildlife in Madagascar Programs

Wildlife in Madagascar
Quick Facts  
Name: Republic of Madagascar
Population: 25,054,000
Capital: Antànanarivo
Language: Malagasy 
Currency: Ariary (Ar or MGA)
Time zone: UTC +3:00

Wildlife in Madagascar

Country Information

Because of its isolation from the major continents, Madagascar is considered as a jewel in biodiversity terms, an exotic country with a high concentration of endemic species. Madagascar’s flagship species are 100% endemic with 101 lemur species. Of 285 bird species recorded 105 are unique to the country. Three-fourths of Madagascar’s 860 orchid species are endemic to the island and 6 of the world’s 8 baobab species are found nowhere else in the world. But, human presence constantly threatens these wonders. Over 90% of Madagascar’s wildlife is endemic and cannot be seen wild anywhere else on earth.

Madagascar’s cultural richness differs from one ethnic group to another. And, 18 ethnic groups form the Malagasy population whose culture is based on the respect of the ancestors and the unity of the living.

Lemurs Project – Nosy Be

Nosy Be – Madagascar – € 337 Euros Per Week 

Get on to this exciting program and get involved in the conservation of endemic animal species! Here the Lemur is of focus.


Wildlife in Madagascar