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Wildlife in Peru

Wildlife in Peru Programs

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Quick Facts  
Name: Republic of Peru

31 million

Capital: Lima

Spanish (Quechua, Aymara)


Nuevo Sol (PEN)

Time zone:

PET (UTC -5)

Wildlife in Peru

Country Information

Peru is the third-largest country in South America; a country known for its incredible cultural heritage such as the renowned Machu Picchu and the remains of the Inca Empire. Although the Incas are the most famous ones, there are other manifestations of pre-Columbian cultures and unexplored archaeological sites which can be located in the North of Peru. This magnificent land composed of a variety of landscapes, climates and biodiversity, is visited by tourists from all over the world.


Equine Therapy Chiclayo

PEChiclayo – Peru – € 225 Euros Per Week

Come and help at a local equestrian/horse riding centre, doing maintenance work and supporting equine therapy sessions for handicaps.

Equine Therapy Chiclayo